Other types of retirement

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There is no change to the way other types of retirement work from April 2015.

Ill health

From April 2015, your pension (provided you have 2 years in the Scheme) can still be paid early if your employer decides you are permanently unable to perform the duties of your job due to ill health and you are not immediately capable of undertaking other work. The pension would take account of some or all of your prospective service depending on whether you are likely to be capable of working again.

Redundancy and business efficiency

If you are aged 55 (50 if you were a member as at 6 April 2006) or over and have at least two years' total membership, you will receive your pension and lump sum immediately with no reduction for early payment.

Flexible retirement

From April 2015 the scheme still allows flexible retirement. This is where, with your employer’s consent, you can reduce your hours and/or your pay grade when aged 55 or over and draw some or all of your pension (provided you have 2 years in the Scheme) whilst remaining in work.