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If you leave the Scheme before being able to immediately draw your pension and you have sufficient membership to have built up a pension entitlement you will be awarded deferred benefits which remain in the scheme (unless you elect to transfer them to another pension scheme).

If you are automatically moved to the career average scheme on 1 April 2015, subsequently cease membership with entitlement to a deferred benefit and then rejoin the scheme at a later date, provided you do not have a break in membership of more than 5 years from any public service pension scheme, your final salary benefits will be linked to your new pension account and will be calculated on your final salary in your new employment when you leave. You can elect to keep your benefits separate but you would need to notify your Pension Fund of this within 12 months of rejoining the scheme.
A public service pension scheme includes a pension scheme covering civil servants, the judiciary, the armed forces, any scheme in England, Wales or Scotland covering local government workers, or teachers, or health service workers, or fire and rescue workers or members of the police forces; or membership of a new public body pension scheme.
If the break in membership from public service pension schemes is more than 5 years then any final salary benefits in the LGPS are transferred across to the career average scheme unless you choose to retain them as separate final salary benefits.